Jar Test Services – Dairy Application

FRC performed a jar test on the wastewater using aluminum-based coagulant and anionic flocculant. The goal was to investigate the impact of different coagulant dosages on effluent quality. The sample volume sent to FRC was approximately 1 gallon so 6 different chemical dosing regiments were performed to generate effluent COD data.

Design Data

FRC Solution

  1. Raw Wastewater: 500 mL of raw wastewater was added to a beaker.
  2. Coagulation: 5 wt% Aluminum Sulfate Coagulant Solution was dosed to the sample and stirred rigorously to simulate the coagulation process.
  3. Flocculation: 0.1 wt% Anionic Polymer was dosed to the sample with gentle mixing to simulate the flocculation process.

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