DAF System Operation & Maintenance Schedule

DAF Maintenance Schedule

Like any other equipment in your facility, a DAF system absolutely must be maintained if you expect it to perform as designed. Whether you’re in charge of DAF system operation & maintenance or you’re in charge of the guys whose job it is to maintain the DAF system, here’s the list of maintenance procedures that should be performed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


  • Check all control system alarms
  • Monitor effluent quality/turbidity
  • Clean air filter/regulator in pneumatic panel
  • Inspect system for leaks in pipes and pumps
  • Adjust water level to generate thick sludge layer
  • Monitor influent flow rate
  • Check and set recycle pump pressure
  • Eject sediment from drain valves
  • Check and set air flow setting in pneumatic panel
  • Check for clogging in aeration valves
  • Open and reset all bleed-off valves to clear obstructions
  • Monitor skimmer system for smooth operation and correct tension
  • Check and set chemical dosing rates (if chemically equipped)
  • Inspect chemical supply (if equipped)


  • Drain and clean DAF unit
  • Inspect strainers and filters. Replace as necessary
  • Purge plate pack using purge valves
  • Inspect and clear tanks and sumps of sediment


  • Apply anti-seize to frequently-used threaded parts
  • Grease all bearings
  • Check skimmer/auger drive oil
  • Check recycle pump oil/grease (if equipped)
  • Inspect 3rd party components as per their O&M Manuals
  • Check lamps on control panel
  • Switch to alternate pumps/motors

Do these simple tasks and you should be able to keep the system working like a charm. If for some reason something’s not working or needs replacement, give us a call. We stock all DAF System spare parts for immediate shipment.