FRC Opens New Headquarters in Metro-Atlanta


Atlanta, GA – July 10, 2014 – FRC Systems International, an industry leader in wastewater treatment system design and manufacturing, has opened its new corporate headquarters in Cumming, Georgia. The new facility will allow FRC to expand its staff and better serve its partners in more than 20 countries around the world.

“Our existing facility was bursting at the seams,” said Adriaan van der Beek, President of FRC Systems. “With increased office space and warehousing capacity, we are poised to continue a record of positive growth while maintaining our unyielding commitment to deliver trusted wastewater solutions.”

“This new office is just the beginning,” Adriaan further explained. “Our fabrication and testing facilities are also expanding to accommodate increased throughput.”

FRC designs and builds wastewater treatment systems based on dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology, which uses micro-bubbles to float oily and solid contaminants to the water’s surface for skimming and removal. These solutions help protect the environment by keeping pollutants out of local waterways.

About FRC Systems International:

FRC Systems International designs and builds wastewater treatment solutions for organizations across all industry sectors. With over 500 installations in more than 20 countries, FRC has established a reputation as a trusted wastewater solutions provider. Learn more at Follow @FRCSystems on Twitter.