Beef Application: System Solution

A privately held company that manufactures value-added meat products, snacks and appetizers in the Midwest and Eastern United States needed DAF units after the anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment systems for their industrial wastewater treatment. Both biological treatment systems have different design data, one mainly for the removal of soluble Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and the other for nitrification of ammonia. FRC was able to provide the flexibility the customer needed by providing a solution using two different types of DAF systems.

Design Data

FRC Solution

  • Anaerobic Biological Treatment – Removes majority of the soluble BOD resulting in the formation of biosolids
  • Flocculator – Chemicals dosed to precondition anaerobic biosolids with flocculant.
  • Anaerobic Open-Style DAF – Float the flocculated biosolids, effluent sent to the aerobic biological treatment
  • Aerobic Biological Treatment – Fine BOD removal and nitrification of ammonia
  • Flocculator – Chemicals dosed to precondition remaining biosolids with flocculant
  • Aerobic High-Rate DAF – Float the flocculated solids, yielding clean effluent water

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