Beverage Application: System Solution

A family-owned producer of award-winning bourbon and fine liquors was generating wastewater of more than 600,000 gpd coming off the existing aerobic biological treatment system. FRC was able to quickly deliver a ”plug and play” DAF System from our rental fleet for an immediate solution.  The results from the rental system were so successful that a second system was ordered and installed as a assist DAF system to the original rental DAF system.

Design Data

FRC Solution

  • Chemical Dosing Skid + Flocculator Skid – Polymer is dosed to agglomerate the biosolids. Chemical dosing pumps are installed on a separate skid with a local E-Panel that communicates to the DAF skid via ethernet cable.
  • Open-Style DAF Skid – Float the preconditioned biosolids thereby removing the Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS). An E-Panel, including PCL and HMI, duty/standby DAF recycle pumps, and AOD sludge pump are installed on the DAF skid.

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