Health & Beauty Application: Turnkey Solution

FRC was selected by a large privately owned US based cosmetics company to supply the wastewater treatment solution for a new manufacturing facility with expected wastewater volumes of approximately 215,000 gpd. FRC provided a turnkey solution including design, engineering, manufacture, and complete mechanical and electrical installation. The wastewater treatment system was designed to separate solids for further treatment and recover the oil in the wastewater for recycling.

Design Data

FRC Solution

  • Rotary Drum Screen – Course solids removal prior to OWS and equalization.
  • Oil-Water Separator – Recover oils, removing a significant portion of the oil and gas
  • Equalization Tanks – Homogenize wastewater for consistent for consistent wastewater characteristics. Aeration mixing is provided to prevent anoxic conditions and formation of ammonia. Two tanks are used for batch operation for the multiple number of products that client produces weekly. This simplifies the downstream chemical dosing regimen
  • Flocculator – Coagulant, acid, caustic, and flocculant dosed in flocculator to precipitate colloidal solids and emulsified oils
  • High-Rate DAF – Float the precipitated solids, yielding clean effluent water
  • Filter Press – Increase dry solids content of the DAF sludge to reduce disposal costs – ready for landfill

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