Produced Water Application: System Solution for Water Reuse for Fracking

An international energy company that is also one of the biggest Oil & Gas producers in the US, has a site in the Middle East where water is scarce. The FRC solution of a Dissolved Nitrogen Flotation (DNF) and flocculator was designed which allows the client to re-use the treated effluent. Nitrogen was chosen instead of air to keep the oxygen limit below 1 ppb due to the long pipelines. The DNF and flocculator were constructed of stainless steel 316 wetted materials, and the system including the auxiliary support equipment were rated for a class 1, div 2 area classification.

Design Data

FRC Solution

Flocculator – Chemicals (coagulant and flocculant) were dosed to precipitate the oily solids
High-Rate DAF – Float any free oils, precipitated oil emulsifications and colloidal solids yielding clean effluent water for water re-injection

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