Seafood Application: Skidded Systems Solution

A krill oil production facility needed to quickly reduce its Oil and Grease (O&G) and sulfide levels to meet city compliance requirements. FRC mobilized a rental DAF System within a week as a temporary solution.

Based on the performance of the rental system and support from FRC’s engineering team, the client opted to move forward with a custom engineered permanent FRC DAF solution. The requirements included being able to move all system components with a forklift and that the installation of the equipment be complete in three days. FRC provided three pre-piped and pre-wired skids for a plug-and-play solution. This solution not only brought the client into compliance, but it is also saving them over $100,000 a year in noncompliance fees.

Design Data

FRC Solution

  • Flocculator Skid – Chemicals are dosed to precipitate the emulsified oils and colloidal solids. All chemical dosing pumps (coagulant, acid, caustic, polymer, bleach) are installed on the flocculator skid
  • High Rate DAF Skid – Float the precipitated oils and solids thereby removing O&G. The E-Panel with PCL and HMI, duty/standby feed pumps and DAF recycle pumps are installed on the DAF skid.
  • Effluent Buffer Tank Skid – Bleach is dosed to remove the remaining sulfides. A final pH check is done before discharging to the city. The effluent pumps are installed on a skid with the effluent buffer tank.

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