Wood Application: System Solution

FRC designed a wastewater treatment system for a large, Swiss-based wood manufacturer. The production of fiberboard was generating wastewater with extremely high Total Suspended Solids (TSS) that needed to be reduced to meet city discharge limits. The design used an Inclined Plate Separator (IPS) to remove high density suspended solids from the wastewater via gravity. The resulting effluent was sent back to the chip washer for water re-use. The concentrated wastewater from the inclined plate separator was sent to DAF for final separation, where the DAF sludge is dewatered for maximum cost efficiency.

Design Data

FRC Solution

  • Static Screen – Remove small pieces of upstream of the Inclined Plate Separator
  • IPS – Suspended solids flow down plate surfaces while clear water is discharged from the top
  • Reactor Tanks – Chemicals dosed to precipitate the colloidal solids
  • DAF – Float the precipitated solids, yielding clean effluent water
  • Sludge Dewatering – Increase dry solids content of the DAF sludge, reducing sludge hauling costs

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