Skid Mounted DAF Systems Prove Popular Among Wastewater Operators

Skid Mounted DAF Systems

FRC has developed skid mounted DAF systems designed to ship as plug-and-play units, ready to process industrial wastewater for solids and oil removal.

FRC owner, Adriaan van der Beek, explains: “Recently a small dairy in Vermont was in trouble due to a fire at their WWTP. We were able to mobilize one of our skid mounted DAF systems and send it out to the site for this emergency. The performance of the FRC skid mounted DAF system on FOG, BOD and TP removal was excellent. The dairy decided to purchase the system for permanent operation.”

More and more, industrial facilities are finding it advantageous to maintain small, packaged DAF systems on-hand for cases like those at the Vermont dairy. In addition to operating as a primary solids removal system, skid mounted DAF systems are equally adept in final solids removal, downstream of a biological treatment facility. Some municipal wastewater treatment facilities have found that a skidded DAF unit next to their aeration ponds can help with algae removal

Key Features and Advantages

  • Quick Delivery – In Stock and Ready to Ship
  • Low Installation Cost
  • Low Chemical Consumption
  • Unique Plug Flow Reactor Technology
  • Superior FRC DAF Aeration Technology
  • Standard ANSI Centrifugal Pumps
  • DNF (Dissolved Nitrogen Flotation) Unit
  • DGF (Dissolved Gas Flotation) Unit
  • Rental and Lease Options Available

Learn more about how to secure a skid mounted DAF system for your facility.