Pharmaceutical Application: System Solution & Turnkey Solution

A global pharmaceutical company in Asia was combating high Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids concentration (MLSS) and needed to reduce level to stay in compliance.

FRC supplied the original solution for the facility. After being acquired by another company, the plant was being expanded for additional capacity. FRC was able to leverage the existing DAF and expand the system to handle the additional wastewater generated by the extra capacity.

Design Data

FRC Solution

System Solution: The site was producing wastewater in volumes over 400,000 gpd with high levels of MLSS. The client has an aerobic biological system, which along with the DAF units are used for biosolids separation. Prior to each DAF is a flocculator to agglomerate the biosolids. The DAF units are arranged in a duty/standby configuration per the bid specification.

FRC System Solution:

Turnkey Solution: A decade later, the client was expanding their production plant, and expected wastewater generation to reach 750,000 gpd. Based on an FRC site survey, the client did not need to change size of the DAF units for of the higher flow rates. The flocculators and polymer dosing equipment did need to be upsized. Instead of replacing the existing flocculators, FRC proposed a solution using continuously stirred tank reactors (CSTR). Although a CSTR would need a low-power mixer, the auxiliary equipment and piping could remain the same. FRCs solution included the demolition of the existing flocculators as well as the turnkey mechanical and electrical installation of the new CSTR systems and polymer dosing equipment.

FRC Turnkey Solution:


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